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Halo Blue Halogen Light Bulb 2-Pack

  • Contains 2 Bulbs
  • Plug n Play
  • Cool Blue
  • High Performance

Halo Bulbs Utilize the Latest in Japanese Technology and Design.Halo Bulbs Include Many Key Features that Assist in the Production of a Brighter Light without Increased Wattage, Including a More Tightly Wound Spiral Filament Made of Finer Wire, a Precise Mixture of Gasses Placed Under High Pressure than a Normal Bulb, and the Addition of Xenon Gas which Increases the Rateof Halogen Regeneration.Depending on the Design, a 55 Watt Version of this Type of Bulb Can Produce the Equivalent Output to an 85 Watt or Higher Standard Halogen Bulb, While Maintaining the Amperage Draw and Heat of a Standard 55 Watt.