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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide top quality wholesale and retail services in the auto spare parts, tire, battery, and car accessories, industrial and agricultural equipment and tools markets in Liberia.

Company History & Development

Auto Spare Service is among Liberia's oldest well-established wholesalers and retailers of auto spare parts, tires, batteries, and car accessories. Established on 1986, Auto Spare Service has proved to be one of Liberia's fastest growing companies in its industry; Auto Spare Service have survived in the Liberian market throughout all the difficulties and problems that faced Liberia through all the past twenty years, and proved to be Liberia’s auto parts leading company.

Auto Spare Service was established in 1986 specialized in Japanese auto parts, in the early nineties, Auto Spare Service expanded its line of trading and entered the tire and battery market and currently handles more than 5 tire and battery brands on exclusive basis
Currently Auto Spare Service expands its trading lines to provide the best quality products in the industrial Construction and agricultural equipment and tools with a reliable after-sales service within the competitive market prices. Auto Spare Service insures technical support and assistance for customers, with a large stock of spare parts.

The present website is a preview of the major products distributed by Auto Spare Service.
Established in Liberia since 1986, Auto Spare Service is a leading firm in the procurement, distribution and sales of quality spare parts tires, batteries, equipment and tools for various industries. Our strength lies in the goodwill that we have built over a period of more than 25 years.